Condominium For sale Felsőörs - Pályázati lehetőséggel, Panorámás

For sale Felsőörs Condominium
886 m2Space 10 Rooms
180 000 000 HUFPrice
273372ID number
Other data

5000 m2 Building lot

Panoramic View

In fair condition Condition

Brick Structure

Gas (circulating) Heating

Double comfort Comfort

Self-parking Parking

Good Public transport

American kitchen

Exist Access to the garden

2000 Year of construction

Business opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors!

In the vicinity of Lake Balaton, I offer for sale a complex of buildings, with a beautiful landscape panorama, with an evergreen view of Lake Balaton.

The building has been built for 20 years as a guest house with 10 rooms as a warm kitchen.

There are offices, business premises and guest rooms currently in the property.

The whole central heating radiator system of the property is operated by gas and mixed fuel boilers.

The two-story building includes storage, outbuildings and parking cars.

The property is in good condition, it is suitable for further operation, but during renovation it can be converted into apartments or condominiums suitable for families!

The condominium conversion required for this was completed in 2015, and 12 rooms are in the planning stage.

The building is well-designed, you can stay in a guest house / guesthouse / shop / workstation, but it also has many other options.

The building is 886nm, the total area is almost 5000nm.
The building can be expanded too.

There is plenty of space for an outdoor pool (a hole for the pool is digested, so much less the cost of pooling), or even a sport ground!

I recommend the property to all those who would work in tourism, hospitality, entertain or develop real estate, and look at the opportunities offered.

If you are interested, I am looking forward to you soon.

We offer a lot of credit, we can also help you with debt consolidation!
Our main objective is to support you in mortgages and mortgages, as well as in obtaining state subsidies.
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